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Alpine 4-H Horse Camp
July 9th - 11th 2024
Registration open June 1st


Your Home Away From Home

At Alpine 4-H Horse Camp, we offer kids of all ages and backgrounds a structured opportunity for growth. Our enriched program is designed for campers to promote independence and self-confidence all while making new friends and learning exciting new skills. To find out more and to discover if our Horse Riding Camp is a good fit for your child, please read on or get in touch with us.

Important Camp Information

Application Due Date:  June 27th
CAMP LIMIT  - 120  4-H youth participants, plus accompanying leaders, parents, and family members. Registration will be accepted on a “first come”, “first serve basis” with preference to Idaho residence;
CAMP FEE –  $80.00 PER PERSON attending camp.  Please make checks payable to Alpine 4-H Horse Camp.  This fee will be required for EACH AND EVERY person 5 years of age and older who is attending camp regardless of reason for being in camp.  No exceptions.

There will be NO refunds issued unless cancellation in writing is received by June 30, 2022. Extenuating circumstances after June 30th must be presented, in writing, no later than seven days after camp, for consideration by the camp board for refund.

Our Program

Building Friendships & Confidence

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