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Advanced pain relief and relaxation for your horse

The Ins and Outs of Trailering Your Horse

Get tips on how to properly groom your horse

Bareback - Advanced

Participants will learn to “polish up” their proper equitation skills at the walk, jog, and lope as well as learn simple lead changes when riding a figure 8 or other types of patterns. Spurs will not be allowed unless approved in advance by instructor.

Bareback - Beginning

Riding bareback requires a balanced seat. Participants will learn how to mount and dismount safely (with assistance), back in a straight line, make smooth transitions and stops at the walk and jog. Based on the needs and riding abilities of the participants, loping might be introduced. Spurs will not be allowed unless approved in advance by instructor.

Bareback - Intermediate

Barrel Racing

Participants will learn tips on training their horse for barrel racing. We will not be running the pattern at top speed but talking about training techniques and ways to improve your times. Tie downs and roping reins are allowed for this class.

Beginning Roping No Horse

Participants will be introduced to the rope, building a loop, learn parts of the rope, types of ropes, and roping safety. 4-Hers will practice roping a dummy” steer head. Learn how to handle a rope prior to roping from a horse. 8 years or older

Beginning Roping W/Horse

This will prepare you for Dummy Roping at your county show. Learn how to handle the rope and reins, how to heel a dummy steer, and how to position your horse for the most successful throw.

Big Horse/Mule Driving

Learn first-hand how to safely harness, hitch, and drive an equine animal. 4-Hers will have the opportunity to learn what it feels like to “be the animal”! Participants will also get pointers on how to drive a single hitch. You don’t use your equine, because everything is provided! Two sessions providing continuous instruction will be offered.

Camp Cookery

Outdoor cooking can be fun, nutritious, and tasty. Class A will be to prepare dishes, Class B to complete and sample food prepared in Class A. Must sign up for both classes and attend Class A to participate in Class B.

Cloverbud Barrels

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