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Registration Instructions

Please read these instructions before beginning registration.

Step 1

Create Login

Sign up for an account on Click the link in the upper right corner for Member Log In. If you are not already a member you will be prompted for your Name, Email, Phone and Password.

Step 2

Submit Registration Form

As a Parent/Guardian you will fill out this info for yourself and any other ADULTS that will be attending camp. You do not need to complete the registration for students. 

Step 3

Manage Students

Please complete the form for any minor students that will be attending camp and taking classes. 

instructions-manage students.jpg

Step 4

Select Courses

Courses have multiple sessions. Students must attend ALL SESSIONS to complete the course. When you select a course from the dropdown menu all required sessions will be added to the schedule. If you want  multiple students to attend the same sessions, please make sure you select the same TRACK for both students. That way the same sessions will added their schedules. 

instructions-select courses.png

Step 5

Select Classes

Classes are only a single session and can be added to the schedule individually. Use the Class Catalog to find sessions that fit into your schedule. 

Step 6

Pay Camp Fees

On the camp fees page set the quantity to the number of STUDENTS (5 and older) AND ADULTS that are attending camp, and add them to your cart. 

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